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The cute, curious, total goof of the group who's admittedly quite clumsy. When she's not laughing at herself, she's gushing over brushes, typefaces and the wonderful world of storytelling. Her stealth name is Anika A Wolf.


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The sensible one. Doctor from 9 to 5, children’s illustrator and wannabe writer the rest of the time. Firmly believes that sleep is overrated and coffee is the way to go.

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The nervous one of the group. When not worrying if he sent his submissions to the wrong email address, he is naval gazing about how to render an apple ad infinitum. Southern California born and raised, drawing on the playground is how he spent most of his days.

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The European tentacle of young@art. Loves books, colors and software. Happy only when handling at least seven projects at once. The eighth arm is for coffee.


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