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Jul 16

Hello all, thank you so much for including me in this community!


Edited: Jul 17

I'm excited to see what everyone is up to! I'm an author / illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada where I also work in schools as a support worker for students with disabilities. I find this influences the work I produce and I tend towards creating books that can be a resource in schools, especially regarding social emotional themes. I have worked in a blend of traditional and digital media, but am diving more into painting digitally and trying to figure all of that out. I am also working on developing a more well rounded portfolio in my current style while I gather feedback on my latest project. I am about to send everything out in search of an agent, so am also very excited about this forum as a space to share and learn from others' experiences on the industry side of things.

Welcome to the forum!! :) can you tell us a little more about you, your work and anything else you want to share (pet, hobbies, kids... ;)


Hope you will like it here!

Hi Noemie, yes I can share a bit more! In all honesty it took me a moment to figure out how the posting worked and I was just writing in the title area.

So glad you joined us here! Love your work, it really stands out. Also, as a father of a son with autism; more power to you for your involvement with students who have disabilities. 😁👍

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  • Hi everyone! Thank you for including me! I’m a picture book illustrator from New York. I have illustrated many books by other authors and I’m currently working on my first book as and author/illustrator. I’m happy to be here!
  • Hi my name is Katrin and I am new :) Would love to get to know you all and chat! Here's my latest piece I've been working on :)
  • Hi everyone, I'm really interested in joining this community for feedback and thoughts on the industry and how it works from working illustrators. It's such a difficult industry to navigate and understand, partly because it is always changing and subject to so many people's opinions! I've been working as a children's book illustrator for 10 years now. So far almost all of the books I've worked on have been with self-publishing authors. 2 have been with SMALL traditional publishers, and the rest have been educational publishers. So my main goal right now is to get in with the Big Trade Publishers. I've been with the CAT Agency for about 3 years now, but I've learned that doesn't necessarily give you an "in" with big publishers. I realized that my work just doesn't look trade enough. So now I am working on how to get my work to look more trade, but still feel like my work looks like "me". I am really struggling!! So I am eager to join into a community of other illustrators to hopefully help gain some insight and direction. It's nice to meet you all! I hope to get to know you all better very soon! Here's my website: www.laurengallegos.com